My name’s Mark and I work for a company that produces software for handling geographic data. My roles vary between Product Evangelist, Training Architect, and Support Specialist.

“Code Freeze” is a play on words of a software term. It’s the point in the software development cycle when you stop adding new features in readiness for releasing the software.

For me it’s the starting pistol for the busiest part of my year, because that’s when I can start writing training materials and have the most to do in communicating new features to our users.

But Code Freeze also refers to the fact that I live in Killarney, Manitoba, which is the coldest place I’ve ever lived, and regularly hits -40 degrees during winter. Still, it’s pretty wild being able to walk the dogs across a frozen lake!

Frozen Lake Walkies

Frozen Lake Walkies

Disclaimer: Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) this is my own personal blog. All the opinions are my own. Do not take anything on here as being the official opinion of my employers, past or present.